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Elizabeth Bucrek

Title: Program Manager and Instructor: Carolina Navigators, UNC Global
Department/School: UNC Global , CB#5145
Telephone: (919) 843-6860
Appointed Year: 2013
Education:• MA French with "M" (Education) Certification, North Carolina State University 2008
World Area Of Focus:• International 100%
Languages:• French (professional proficiency)
• Spanish (professional proficiency)
Relevant Experience:• 2013-2018 Carolina Navigators Program Manager and Instructor (2013-present)
• 2012-2013 French 1 instructor, North Carolina Virtual Public Schools
• 2010-2013 Student Achievement Coach and English Language Arts Coach at East Chapel Hill High School, Chapel Hill, NC
• 2008-2010 French and Spanish Teacher, and Director of the Academy of International Studies at Carrboro High School, NC
• 2005-2005 Adult English Teacher at Escuela Internacional de Lenguas, Rias Bajas, Spain
• 2003-2008 French and Spanish Teacher at Phillips Middle School, Chapel Hill, NC
• 2001-2002 Office Assistant at The University of Michigan Office of Medical Development and Alumni Relations, Ann Arbor, MI
Recent Publications:


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