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      Milada Vachudova
    The impact of international institutions on domestic politics; the democratization of postcommunist Europe; the enlargement of the European Union; EU foreign policy; and comparative democratization; Country of Specialty: Czech Republic more...
    Milada Vachudova
    Title:Associate Professor, Political Science
    Department/School:Political Science, CB#3265
    Telephone:(919) 962-0415
    Appointed Year:2007
    Education:• PHD Political Science, University of Oxford 1997
    World Area Of Focus:
    • International (100%)
    • Russia/Eastern Europe (50%-75%)
    • Western Europe/European Union (EU) (50%-75%)
    • Czech (native/bilingual proficiency)
    • French (native/bilingual proficiency)
    • Polish (elementary proficiency)
    • Russian (elementary proficiency)
    Specialization:The impact of international institutions on domestic politics; the democratization of postcommunist Europe; the enlargement of the European Union; EU foreign policy; and comparative democratization; Country of Specialty: Czech Republic
    Relevant Experience:• • Speaker at conferences and workshops for policy-oriented organizations including the U.S. Department of State, the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Club of Madrid.
    Distinctions:• ongoing Stein Rokkan Prize for Comparative Social Science Research by the International Social Science Council, for Europe Undivided (2006); co-winner of Marshall Shulman Prize by the AAASS for Europe Undivided (2006); Hettleman Award for Artistic and Scholarly Achievements by Young Faculty at UNC-Chapel Hill (2008); Best Paper Award from the European Politics and Society section of APSA (2006).
    Dissertations and Theses Supervised in Past 5 Years:10
    Relevant Courses Taught:• Undivided Europe; Politics of East Central Europe; European Security, the EU, and Transatlantic Relations; Comparative Political Research and Analysis; Politics of the European Union; Comparative Democratization
    Recent Publications:• 2014 “EU Leverage and National Interests in the Balkans: The Puzzles of Enlargement Ten Years On.” Journal of Common Market Studies 52(1):122-138.
    • 2013 “Social Democracy in East Central Europe.” in Michael Keating and David McCrone, eds., The Crisis of European Social Democracy. Edinburgh University Press, 2013.
    • 2012 “Catching Up? Consolidating Liberal Democracy After EU Accession,” with Aneta Spendzharova, West European Politics 35, 1: 39-58.
    • 2009 Milada Anna Vachudova (2009). “Democratization in Post-Communist Europe: Illiberal Regimes and the Leverage of the European Union,” in Valerie Bunce, Michael McFaul and Kathryn Stoner-Weiss, eds., “Democracy and Authoritarianism in the Post-Communist World,” Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.
    • 2009 Milada Anna Vachudova (2009) “Corruption and Compliance in the EU,” Journal of Common Market Studies, forthcoming.
    • 2009 Milada Anna Vachudova and Liesbet Hooghe (2009) “Postcommunist Politics in a Magnetic Field: How Transition and EU Accession Structure Party Competition on European Integration” Comparative European Politics, forthcoming.
    • 2008 Milada Anna Vachudova (2008) “Center-Right Parties and Political Outcomes in East Central Europe,” Party Politics 14, 4.
    • 2008 Milada Anna Vachudova (2008) “Tempered by the EU? Political Parties and Party Systems Before and After Accession,” Journal of European Public Policy 15, 6.
    • 2007 Milada Anna Vachudova (2007). “Historical Institutionalism and the EU’s Eastern Enlargement,” in Kathleen McNamara and Sophie Meunier eds., Making History: European Integration and Institutional Change at Fifty. The State of the European Union Volume 8. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 105-122.
    • 2007 Grzegorz Ekiert, Jan Kubik and Milada Anna Vachudova (2007). “Democracy in the Postcommunist World,” East European Politics and Societies 21, 1 (Winter): 7-30.
    • 2005 Milada Anna Vachudova (2005). Europe Undivided: Democracy, Leverage and Integration After Communism. Oxford University Press.
    • 2005 Andrew Moravcsik and Milada Anna Vachudova (2005) “Preferences, Power, and Equilibrium: The Causes and Consequences of EU Enlargement,” in Frank Schimmelfennig and Ulrich Sedelmeier eds., The Politics of European Union Enlargement: Theoretical Approaches. London: Routledge, 198-212.

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