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      Josefa Lindquist
    Josefa Lindquist
    Title:Senior Lecturer, Romance Languages
    Department/School:Romance Languages, CB#3170
    Telephone:(919) 843-2043
    Appointed Year:2005
    Education:• PHD Spanish Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2005
    World Area Of Focus:
    • Latin America (25%-50%)
    • Spanish (native/bilingual proficiency)
    Relevant Experience:
    Distinctions:• ongoing University Honor Board, 2012-Present; Ackland Museum Planning Committee, 2012; Committee on Teaching with Technology, 2007; Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish National Honor Society, 1996; U.S. Army Reserve, Drapper, Utah: Excellence in Teaching Award, 1994
    Dissertations and Theses Supervised in Past 5 Years:3
    Relevant Courses Taught:• Introductory Spanish
    Recent Publications:• 2013 Merytaten o Meketaten: The unknown Armana Princess at the Ackland Art Museum.
    • 2012 “¡Anda for High Beginners! Upper Saddle River”, N.J.: Pearson.
    • 2012 “¡Anda for High Beginners! Lesson Plans.” Cowell, Glynis and Henning-Boyton, Audrey.
    • 2012 “¡Anda! Curso Elemental. Upper Saddle River”, NJ: Pearson.
    • 2012 “¡Anda! Curso Elemental: Online Exam” ( Cowell, Glynis and Henning-Boyton, Audrey.
    • 2010 “También se dice.”Cowell, Glynisand Henning-Boyton, Audrey.
    • 2009 "Merlin: Rethinking Good and Evil in Arthurian Romance." “Recuerde el alma dormida”: Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Essays in Honor of Frank A. Domínguez, Johh Moore and Adriano Duque Ed. Juan de la Cuesta,.169-86 2011.
    • 2009 ¡Anda! Curso Elemental. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. A13-A21.

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