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      David McNelis
    Energy and the Environment Transmutation of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Proliferation Resistance, Accelerator and Fusion-Based Transmutation Systems, Pyroprocessing more...
    David McNelis
    Title:Director: Center for Sustainable Energy, Environment, and Economic Development; Research Professor, Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
    Department/School:UNC Inst for the Environment, CB#1105
    Telephone:(919) 966-9923
    Appointed Year:2008
    Education:• PHD Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1974
    World Area Of Focus:
    • Russia/Eastern Europe (10%-25%)
    • German (elementary proficiency)
    Specialization:Energy and the Environment
    Transmutation of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Proliferation Resistance, Accelerator and Fusion-Based Transmutation Systems, Pyroprocessing
    Relevant Experience:• Participation in several National Research Council programs in Eastern Europe (Russia, Georgia, Romania, Czechoslovakia)
    Distinctions:• 1974-2013 Have been involved with projects in many of the USSR States and now the Russian Federation and the CIS (30-35 trips).
    Dissertations and Theses Supervised in Past 5 Years:7 Doctorate 13 Masters (Current students 3 PhD and 6 Masters)
    Relevant Courses Taught:• • Energy in a Sustainable Environment; • Energy and Material Flows in the Environment and Society; • Systems Analysis for Sustainability
    Recent Publications:• 2008 “Assessing the Proliferation Resistance of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Systems Using a Fuzzy Logic-Based Barrier Method,” With Li, J., M-S Yim, Nuclear Technology, Vol 162, June 2008.
    • 2007 “Thermal Loading-based Investigation of Yucca Mountain Repository Capacity for the U.S. Spent Fuel Inventory,” with Strahala, M. P., M-S Yim, Annals of Nuclear Energy.
    • 2007 “Target Design and Optimization for Accelerator Driven Transmutation Systems,”with Liu, Y., M-S Yim, Nuclear Technology.
    • 2004 J. Li, M-S. Yim, D. N. McNelis. Risk-Based Performance Index for Nuclear Waste Transmutation System Optimization. Trans. of Am. Nuc. Soc., 90, 239-240, 2004.
    • 2002 E. M. Abdelslam, M-S. Yim, D. N. McNelis, D. J. Dudziak. Feasibility of Electron Accelerator-based Nuclear Waste Transmutation. Trans. of Am. Nuc. Soc., 87, 335-336, 2002.
    • 2002 D. N. McNelis. States Efforts in Small Business Development – Two Models. in: Successes and Difficulties of Small Innovative Firms in Russian Nuclear Cities. National Academy Press, Washington, DC. 2002
    • 2001 D. N. McNelis, G. E. Schweitzer. Environmental Security: an Evolving Concept. Feature Article. ES&T. 35, No.5:108-113, 2001
    • 0000 J. Li, M-S. Yim, D. N. McNelis. A Fuzzy Logic-Based Barrier Method to Quantifying Proliferation Resistance of Nuclear Power Systems, Submitted

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