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Hosun Kim

Title: Teaching Associate Professor, Department of Romance Studies (Spanish) Director, Language Resource Center, Department of Romance Studies
Department/School: Romance Studies , CB#3170
Telephone: (919) 843-7110
Appointed Year: 2004
Education:• PHD Romance Studies, Universidad Complutense de Madrid 1999
World Area Of Focus:• Latin America 25%-49%
• Western Europe/European Union (EU) 10%-24%
Languages:• Korean (native/bilingual proficiency)
• Spanish (native/bilingual proficiency)
Specialization:Culture of Latin America and Spain, Spanish language pedagogy
Relevant Experience:• Outreach: Mentor and teacher of Spanish for Korean missionaries in Ecuador
• Overseas experience: Colombia, Spain
Dissertations and Theses Supervised in Past 5 Years: n/a
Relevant Courses Taught:• SPAN 105 Spanish for High Beginners
• SPAN 260 Introduction to Spanish and Spanish American Literature
• SPAN 323 Spanish for the Legal Professions
• SPAN 329 Spanish for Professional and Community Engagement
• SPAN 404 Elementary Spanish for Health Professionals
Recent Publications:• 2014 2014 “Spanish Language Placement Exam Development Project”, CTC Retreat, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Oct. 27, 2014.
• 2004 “La Desmitificación de la Realidad en El Tiritero de Gustavo Álvarez Gardeazábal,” in Iberoamérica 6.
• 2004 “La Homosexualidad y su Función Seductora en El Beso de la Mujer Araña de Manuel Puig,” in MIFLC Journal 12(2004).
• 2000 “Reconstrución de la Historia en Los Perros del Paraíso de Abel Posse,” in Estudios Hispánicos 16.


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